ILID Inc. registered as 501(c)(3)organisation in USA, is a non-profit organisation which is dedicated to serve poor populations of USA and India.

ILID Inc. is focusing on responding to the needs and priorities of the economically disadvantaged in USA especially in education area. ILID Inc. envisaged a supplementary educational services program for underserved pupils called Project PUPIL which is aiming to help the pupils in their academic progress leveraging knowledge across boundaries. ILID is aiming to help the under-served students across US by enrolling them into Project PUPIL from schools across USA since 2013.

Development Center Context

  • Focus of Development sector has moved from “Doing Good” to “Doing Good more effectively and efficiently, and in a sustainable and scalable manner”
  • Raising competitiveness, resource constraints, and increasing demand for accountability and enhanced impact have forced the development sector to focus on internal structure, systems and strategy
  • Emerging and evolving development sector is demanding continual adaptation and renewal of organizations and institutions
  • Strategic marketing and communications, financial management, human resource management, monitoring and evaluation – all these are issues with which a successful development sector effort must come to grips with
  • A new level of professional approach must be defined and implemented so that organizations can address the challenges of the emerging development sector dynamics

Opportunities for ILID

  • To analyze and diagnose overall institutional framework and organization in the institutional context
  • To design and manage interventions based on process approach
  • To assist social entrepreneurs in building effective, efficient and transformational organizations and institutions

Our Vision

To globally enable public, private and non-profit sectors  to better respond to the needs and priorities of the poor, vulnerable and marginalized

To promote leadership, organizational and institutional development towards advancing sustainable development sector reforms

 If you want to contribute money to help our mission, you may do so here.

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