A Short Demo of our Tutoring

The biggest advantage of online tutoring is the convenience, flexibility and customization it offers.

While we have an excellent team of talented tutors , the student’s and parent’s comfort is given utmost importance. The tutor is selected and assigned only after a student’s\parent’s careful review of the initial demo sessions. The client has the ultimate choice of selecting their own tutor.

Every child has a unique ability to learn and pick up skills. Hence, the PUPIL coordinator and tutor customize their teaching pace and lesson plan based on the child’s capability. The frequency of classes, the schedule, homework and mocks tests are very much dependent on the child’s personality, goals and time availability.

PUPIL follows the common core curriculum and the tutor is present to re-enforce the fundamentals and creatively impart the subject knowledge. The student without any pressure can ask any question, homework help and work on a subject until thoroughly mastered. A 1:1 class provides excellent undivided attention to all the required student’s need.

The tool by itself is very easy to install and adapt to and setting up is a quick hassle free process. Watch our live demo to learn more.