What People Say

It helped me because I knew the work but it got me better in it - STUDENT, IS286

It was good because it helped me bump my F to A+ , STUDENT, Bobby Duke School

I had a lot fun and I learn a lot about fraction absolute value - STUDENT, Bobby Duke School

I learned about math multiplying fractions and decimals - STUDENT, Bobby Duke School

I feel that I understood everything in Math and ELA - STUDENT , IS286

I learnt more about fractions and I went from a C- to an A+, STUDENT, Bobby Duke School
  • Dr.Connie Malin, Education Leader, Chief Education Officer and Principal

    I have been in the educational system for almost forty years to date. I can honestly note that Project Pupil has been one of the highest quality programs with which I have had the honor to work with.

  • Dr. Connie Malin, CEO

    I would like to take this time to thank Project Pupil for the opportunity to receive assistance for our students in grades 5 – 12. At grades 5 & 6, the students were able to receive assistance for one hour, five days a week. At grades 7 – 12, our students received assistance for one hour, three days a week. Each student received assistance in reading, testing skills, or mathematics. The process for working with Project Pupil was very easy and the staff was amenable to being assistive. At one point during the process I had requested the tutors help with the Smarter Balanced Assessment and Common Core Curriculum Standards and they did so immediately. I was amazed at how ready they were to help our students in every way possible. They were highly motivated to learn the new materials in order to present it in a fashion that would help our students. They were courteous and accommodating at all times during the tutoring process. The students who received the greatest growth were those who took pride in learning what was troubling for them. The tutors worked diligently in making sure the students participated and received high quality information. We made it a priority at our school for the students to receive the tutoring. Parents were grateful for the help and encouraged our children to do well. The fact that our students were able to work on computers and to use all equipment associated with the tutoring, has been a large factor in their currently taking the SBAC online assessment with ease. I have been in the educational system for almost forty years to date. I can honestly note that Project Pupil has been one of the highest quality programs with which I have had the honor to work. All facets of the program were presented honestly and with feedback from the school. All administrative and tutorial staff remained professional at all times and actively sought ways to make their program even more robust. I would recommend Project Pupil to any school or system that wants to assist children. Thank you for allowing my feedback. Thank you also for the opportunity to work with our students. The knowledge and dedication of these people to helping our students, was greatly felt as our students have much more confidence in what they are able to do in school each day.

  • Alex Del Rosario, Middle School Technology Teacher

    I want to start out by recognizing and acknowledging the positive concept that is Project Pupil. Being able to expand a student’s horizon, culturally as well as academically is an amazing experience. Project Pupil allows different students from around the United States to connect with people across the world in another country using academic language as a tool to break down communication barriers. Being able to communicate weekly with tutors and mentors, from cultures other than their own, allows each student to see that it doesn’t matter where you come from, people are learning and teaching all around the world. This program can run more effectively if my students were able to obtain better devices to help communicate with their tutors. We usually have issues with headsets and microphones, often have slow internet connection, and worst of all, our devices are so old that the systems take very long to boot and begin operations. If Project Pupil were able to designate their own devices to execute this program, I think it would run smoother and more effectively (even though it would be a greater start up cost). An ideal solution would be looking into something like an ipad or android tablets for example. Each machine does not need much housing space and will still have a lot of technology to work with. I really love your program and I cannot wait until next year when we will include not just ELA, but Mathematics as well. I hope you continue to be successful in your ventures and if there is anything further that I can do to help make Project Pupil a more effective program, please do not hesitate to ask. Technology is the way of the future and we must educate our youth to understand the responsibilities that comes with all of that accessible knowledge.

  • Matthew Krepps ,

    Students were challenged with a curriculum that was well matched with the concepts they were learning in their regular day math class. It was nice for students to have the chance to use this technology because online conferencing is an increasingly useful skill.

  • Karleen Kemp, Vice Principal

    Project PUPIL has been a valuable program at Barringer Academy of S.T.E.A.M. since the start of the program. The Internet has now made individual learning practical and cost effective to a degree never before possible. This new approach to online learning by establishing the use of online media within a grounded teaching and learning environment has given students a new outlook on learning. Teachers are appreciative to the additional support and students love the individualized support and attention with the tutors. The staff at Project PUPIL has been very responsive, knowledgeable, and personable. I welcome Project PUPIL at any learning institution, I am grateful for the program.

  • Kathleen Pena, Learning Strategist

    I have had the opportunity to discuss with our teachers the student outcomes of working with Project Pupil this year. Our teachers have indicated positive gains in motivation and skills related to math and tutoring. The students chosen for this program are struggling in concepts related to math and we have applied remediation strategies in the classroom. However, our classes are very large and it is difficult to provide explicit individualized instruction in a class of 35 or more. Project Pupil has given us the setting we need for explicit instruction, which has resulted in academic gains. Because Project Pupil is technology based and innovative, students don't feel like it is just an extension of their regular class. They are more motivated to attend. Several of our students had been assigned to our traditional tutoring before Project Pupil. They were not motivated to attend. When we mandated their attendance, they were not motivated to participate. These students are eager to attend Project Pupil which led to an increase in tutoring attendance and academic gains for the students. We plan to expand our tutoring with Project Pupil in the 2014-2015 school year. This year we had 3 of our teachers and 3 student groups working with Project Pupil for math tutoring. We plan to add at least 2 more teachers and student groups for tutoring in English Language Arts. We are very grateful for the opportunity to work with our colleagues at Pupil.

  • Mr. NeCamp,

    Overall, the best thing Project Pupil did was increase students engagement in mathematics. Students like Student A and Student B were now willing to stay after school to get the extra help they needed because math was being presented to them in a new and engaging format. Hence, I had students who would have never stayed for tutoring, stay after school with me 2/3 times a week to get extra help. On an individual level, the tutoring also built up the students confidence in math class. Many students like Student C or Student D, who had never volunteered in class before, were now raising their hands because they felt confident in their knowledge from the reinforcement they received during tutoring. Lastly, every one of my students had increases in grades by at least one grade. Students were now completing their homework on time and succeeding on tests because of Project Pupil. Student C went from an F to a C. Student D went from an F to a D. Student A went from an F to a D. Student B went from a F to a B. Student E went from a D to a C. Those are the biggest things.