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Progress for Under-Served Pupils through International Learning

ILID Inc. registered as 501(c)(3) organization in USA is dedicated to help uplift the poor children living in America and India. Based out of New Jersey, the organization was launched in 2013 with the primary goal of helping the inner city schools and their students all over America by providing free supplementary education.  Project PUPIL was thus launched in 2013 with the help of Bill and Melinda Gates and Infosys Foundation. PUPIL in 2 years served about 1500 under served children from 17 states across America

We operate in India and America, the 2 largest democracies in the world.


Along with the services offered to inner city schools, ILID Inc in 2015 expanded it’s product suite to include private online tutoring to audience outside of schools.  This meant catering to any individual (adults, students, communities etc) who wished to learn and seek guidance.

The goal is not only to connect teachers around the world with knowledge seeking individuals but also to help very poor children in India go to school and get basic education. The program was conceptualized in such a way that the savings from the program would be completely utilized to run ILID India owned free schools called Ekalavya schools. These schools serve about 1500+ students from very low income families living in urban slums of Southern India.  Education is their only chance to move out from dire poverty and lead a life of meaning and dignity.

Our original dream of connecting good teachers from anywhere in the world to needy students anywhere in the world is intact, alive and in fact flourishing.

In America

Childhood for the under-served children in inner cities and rural areas in the US is a great challenge. According to the US Census 2011, 40% of the children living in poverty are not even prepared for primary schooling. Schools today reflect their neighborhoods. In the 2011-2012 academic year the National Assessment of Educational Progress reported that African American and Hispanic students on average trailed behind their White peers by more than 20 test points (“Achievement Gap”)'”.

A 2011 study by the National Center for Education Statistics found that children from low-income families were more than five times as likely to drop out of school as those from high-income families. Black and Hispanic students drop out of school at rates more than double the rate of White students.

Distributing resources equally to all communities do not create equal opportunity. According to Susan B Newman and Dona C Celano (Giving Our Children a Fighting Chance: Poverty, Literacy, and the Development of Information Capital”), providing more resources to the students in poor neighborhood is the need of the hour. In addition to leveling the playing field, we need to tip it down to the under dogs.


In India

India is a country of over billion people and just one third of them can read.  It has emerged that there are about 1.4 million children aged 6-11  who are out of school. According to CRY, school drop out rate among adolescent girls are as high as 63%.  Education perhaps is the only way poor can aspire for a better life.

Our aim is to help poorest of poor children in the world get free access to education. With this goal in mind, ILID India currently runs 2 free schools in the very poor neighborhoods of Southern states of India (Bangalore and Hyderabad). Project PUPIL was created as an innovative means to help generate consistent funds to run these schools and help educate the poor children free of cost. Through the savings from the tutoring program , PUPIL hopes to give the gift of education to a very poor child living in India as well.



We take a personal and holistic approach towards helping students learn. We believe that every child has a unique potential and every child learns differently. There is no one method to teach children. With expert tutors for various subjects such as Math, English, Science, International languages, we make quality supplemental help easily accessible and affordable. We are proud of our tutors who are committed to making an impact in the life of an under-privileged child.

Competent Tutors – We hire highly competent tutors and make them go through constant trainings. Most of our tutors are very experienced teachers in India. The tutors hold a graduate or a post graduate degree in their subjects and we specially seek a minimum of 4 years of pure online teaching experience. The tutors are patient and are passionate about helping children from all backgrounds learn.

Extremely low cost – We understand that budget constraints are the main road blocks at priority \ title 1 \ struggling schools for providing quality education and hence we offer our service for a very low cost. It is just a fraction of the general market cost. We are a non-profit and we are in the business of offering our services to the needy. We ask for the small fees just to sustain our basic operational costs.

Getting started is fast and hassle free – We use a premium conferencing tool for collaboration and knowledge sharing. It is extremely user friendly and we have seen children as young as 8-9 years use them comfortably without any guidance.

Services offered:

To schools   -We have very customized programs for schools and every one of our sessions are designed as per the schools requirements. We respect and cherish the role of the teacher in the classroom; we view our work as assisting them in their onerous responsibilities by filling the gaps they ask us to fill and rendering valuable assistance to schools reeling under reduced budget and dwindling resources.

Private tutoring – We also provide individual 1:1 Online Tutoring for students at a very affordable cost. It can be compared to other high quality online tutoring services in the market but at a very affordable cost. We are there to guide the children in their daily academics, homework help, SAT prep or just to create their Eureka moment. The net fees (after tutor salary) goes towards running free schools for the under-privileged in India.


We as an organization strive to make a difference in the lives of thousands of children in America. Our team and tutor community are passionate about education as a means to eradicate poverty and partnering with us would be a great way to give back to the community and world.

We are a passionate and a creative team possessing the 3 I’s – Integrity, Intensity and Intelligence. We are working towards providing world class academic help to poor children living in any part of the world.


Dr. G.K.Jayaram (FOUNDER)

G.K. Jayaram is the founder and managing director of the Institute of Leadership and Institutional Development (ILID). ILID trains,develops, and consults to social entrepreneurs on issues related to leadership, scalability, and sustainability.He was the first Chairman of Infosys, and the Founding Director of the award-winning Infosys Leadership Institute based in Mysore, India.He is also the chief mentor at the Jawaharlal Nehru Leadership Institute in New Delhi. Jayaram has had a four decades-long career in the consulting and corporate worlds.Read more

Mrs Meera Rao, Advisor

Dinesh K Shetty , Technology Advisor

Murali C.R, Financial Advisor

 USA Team (Sales, Marketing, Strategy, Operations and Grants)

Meera Santhanam, Chicago

Badari Ambatti , New York

Dhanya Satya, Seattle

Madhurim Gupta, New Jersey

 India Team (Content Specialists and Operations)

Asiya Begum

Nagalakshmi C

Priyanka Saggu



We value all the contributions of our beloved volunteers and we are very proud of our great team.

 PUPIL Impact (2013 – 2015)

  • Project PUPIL  with the help of  Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and Infosys Foundations has successfully completed 2 years of operation since 2013.
  • PUPIL has effectively served 1500+ students from about 20 inner city schools all over America. 70000 hours of tutoring in Maths, Sciences, and ELA have been successfully delivered in the last 2 years.
  • The dedication and commitment of facilitators and tutors have helped many young children improve in their subjects. Multiple jumps in grades, increased interest in learning, progressive thinking were some of the benefits of the tutoring program.
  • The net savings from the program have helped educate about 1500 poorest of poor students in India. 60% of the students are girls and valuable education is their only means to avoid being pushed into menial labor.
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