Staging of Play – The Costume Party at Bangalore on April 18 & 19


  • Start Date:2018-04-18
  • End Date:2018-04-19
  • Start Time:19:30
  • End Time:21:30
  • Location:


  • Organized by:Kasturi Trust
  • Mobile:91 98 45 945710
  • Website:
  • Address:Rangashankara, Bangalore, India

The Costume Party

The play  aims to provoke thoughts before provoking actions. Humans hurt when they cannot talk and when they do not listen. The play dreams of an empathetic world where dialogue is the only platform where differences are discussed. In the vast grey area between right and wrong, it’s a conversation that will clear things up.

Venue:   Rangashankara, Bangalore.


Date: April 18& 19, 2018.


Author: Dr. GK Jayaram 

His career spans five decades of international corporate experience. Is well known for his philanthropic pursuits, whether it’s his very own Kasturi Trust or his pro bono consulting to more than 100 NGOs across India. He is especially focused on education for the girl child and is responsible for 10 Ekalavya Schools. This production is a part of his efforts to raise funds for causes.


Two immigrant families in New York gather on election eve 2016 to celebrate a birthday, an engagement, and a confidently and ecstatically anticipated first-woman presidency. The birthday gift is an honest discussion on Where is home? Who belongs to a country? Who has the right to decide who belongs?. The evening culminates on the street with official and vigilante forces delivering a shorthand response, a summary justice, to the question. The questions remain stubbornly unanswered and the loved ones bear witness to the senseless consequences.


The Director: Ashish Chandra Sen
This Media and Development Communications practitioner has been actively involved with theatre for transformative and social change since the 1980s and has acted in and directed more than 60 productions. Sen has also been involved in directing plays to fundraise for organisations like Karunashraya. For the past 15 years, he has focused on theatre as a training vehicle for the corporate, academic, and social sectors.

Sen’s work in Communications and Media for Development spans more than thirty years, and he has worked with development agencies like ActionAid India, Voices, Parikrama Humanity Foundation, Mithra Jyothi, and Association of Persons with Disability.

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