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ILID is a not for profit consulting firm catering to the leadership and institutional development needs of organizations serving the poor in the Indian Society. ILID was founded by Dr. G.K. Jayaram in April 2003 with the broad objective of “helping professionalize the non-profit sector”.  ILID is a division of “Kasturi Trust”, a nonprofit trust registered under the Societies Act. The ambition is to “bring world-class resources in terms of knowledge and skills to the non-profit sector to India”.

Institute of Leadership & Institutional Development

Mission: To create an Institution catering to the Leadership and Institutional Development needs of Social Entrepreneurs and Citizen Organizations (NGO’s, CBO’s, Progressive Government Departments) serving the poor in Indian Society.

Our Vision: To globally enable public, private and non-profit sectors to better respond to the needs and priorities of the poor, vulnerable and marginalized.


ILID is dedicated to applying leading-edge management strategies, tools and talent to help other nonprofits and foundations achieve greater social impact. ILID helps non-profits to scale up and sustain their operations on a long term basis by using the various best practices, tools and frameworks used in the corporate sector.  ILID develops and delivers customized and distinctive strategies to produce the desired results for its clients.

ILID was founded to professionalize the non-profit sector by bringing world-class resources into India. The organization articulates its vision as: “To create and empower social entrepreneurial organizations by providing them with guidance on institutional development and leadership”

This vision translates into the following goals for ILID:

1. Institutional Development: To assist social entrepreneurs in the achievement of optimal results in activities that address the critical needs of the society through proper planning, implementation and evaluation of processes

2. Institutional Development: To identify social innovations, which address the critical needs of the society and help social entrepreneurs sustain and scale up such innovations

3. Leadership: To enhance the thinking abilities of social entrepreneurs by helping them build their knowledge and skill-base through training, teaching and research

ILID does not focus on a particular area within social sector: In course of trying to achieve these goals, ILID works on a number of different areas in the social sector – they have chosen not to focus on a particular area of social sector. In their 10 years of existence, ILID has worked across a number of sub-sectors in the social space, like Education, Consumer Protection, Governance, Citizens’ Participation, Micro Finance, Children’s Health, Severely handicapped, Runaway children.

ILID has a process for identifying its potential clients and its request to such clients is “to pay whatever they can afford, including nothing”. ILID has worked pro bono with clients who may lack external funding or startups.”

ILID provides a suite of six services which help achieve these objectives. These services are split into two broad sets – “Intensive” and “Extensive” services:

  •  Intensive Services: Services that are rendered to a selective group of clients – typically, engagements around these services are intensive, months-long processes, specifically tailored to resolving client problems. Primarily consulting engagements which help clients articulate their strategy, address questions around areas to focus on and design implementation and review / monitoring plans around these areas.
  •  Extensive Services: Services that are more broad-based, helping ILID scale up its contributions, have a footprint on the wider social sector expanse – these are generic services like data gathering, documentation, research, training and teaching.


 Suite of Services offered by ILID

Service Service Objective

Service Offering (s)

Intensive Services

Client Consulting Helping chosen organizations grow, through processes and models adapted from the corporate sector
  1. Five-step process, “VISTAR”, standing for VIsioning, Strategy, STructure, Action Plans and Review
  2. Help articulate goals; design diagnostic, planning and execution tools to achieve these goals
Incubation Accelerating the development of chosen start-up social organizations. We help transform idea –> organization –> entrepreneurship, social innovator –> social entrepreneur.
  1. Identify innovative start-up ideas and entrepreneurs
  2. Help develop strategy for organization
  3. Help scale-up
Networking Helping chosen organizations with similar objectives partner / come together to create mutually beneficial relationships
  1. Bring together organizations in similar areas
  2. Connect NGOs to potential financial supporters

Extensive Services

Research Help answer critical issues faced by NGO’s and governments in solving social problems through library and field research
  1. Conduct independent research as well as serve as repository and a resource for research around the globe
Training Develop leadership and institution building  skills of people working in the social sector
  1. Workshops / seminars for developing leadership skills
Teaching Provide “Masters in Social entrepreneurship” graduates to the Social change organizations in every sector
  1. Intention is to set up an “institute” that provides a full fledged program with certified and accredited courses



Since its inception in April 2004, ILID’s clients have steadily grown in number. A partial list for illustration; ILID has consulted to over 100 organizations in the last 10 years. For greater details, please visit our website at www.ilid.in, or contact us in India at

Client Broad Client Focus
Akshara Foundation Elementary Education
Janaagraha Citizen participation in local governance
E-government Foundation Use of IT to enhance local governance efficiency
Saathi Rescuing runaway children on railway platforms
Citizen Consumer and Civic Action Group (CAG) Consumer protection issues around urban planning and environment
Janalakshmi Extending micro-credit to the urban poor (just above the poverty line level)
Aniketana Trust Preventive health checkups for poor children in rural areas
Grameen Koota Lending without collaterals to poor women in urban and rural areas
Acumen Fund Non-profit venture fund aiming to build financially sustainable and scalable organizations to help the poor


*Helpers of the Handicapped, * Drishti, * Karunashraya, * Spastics Society of Karnataka,* Advaith Trust,* Arghyam Trust, * Dream a Dream foundation, * Hippocampus, * Drishti, * Swadhar


ILID runs two  schools for the poor children in Southern India. The schools named as Ekalavya schools cater exclusively to the low income children living in Indian urban slums.

Both the schools are English medium schools providing Education from Grades I to X located in urban slums in Hyderabad and Bangalore.


In October 2011, 4500 poor students in 10 urban slum schools in India faced a crisis. Their main sponsor could no longer support the schools beyond March 2012. The students in these good quality English medium schools which charged only a nominal fee faced a bleak future – either shift to Government Schools, or unaffordable private schools, or drop out of school altogether. Given a monthly average family income of Rs.6000/- ($90) mass drop out seemed inevitable.

In November 2011, Kasturi Trust, headed by Dr. G K Jayaram, stepped in and decided to ensure that none of the students lose out on their education. Over the next 12 months, helped in this effort by numerous generous organisations and philanthropists, permanent sponsors were found for most of the schools, who took over the schools and have ensured that the children continue their studies in a similar way. The remaining 2 schools with about 650 are being run by Kasturi Trust as Ekalavya Schools.

Project PUPIL :

The PUPIL program was created as an innovative means to help generate consistent funds to run these schools and help educate the poor children free of cost. We believe, every child deserves the best and quality education is the primary pathway out of poverty.

Please visit our Indian website www.ilid.in to learn more about the various projects.

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