Project PUPIL has successfully delivered tutoring services to schools since 2013. We have developed close relationships with many schools and are familiar with their curriculum. We routinely partner with teachers to develop student-learning plans that support the classroom curriculum.


Bobby Duke Middle School, Cochella, CA

Cahuilla Desert Academy, Coachella, CA

Toro Canyon School, CA

Harlem District, New York

IS 286 Harlem District

MS-514 Harlem District

PS 154 Harlem District

PS 161 Harlem District

PS 175 Harlem District

PS 194 Harlem District

PS 197 Harlem District

PS 30 Harlem District

PS 318 Harlem District

PS125 Harlem District

PS154 Harlem District

PS175 Harlem District

PS194 Harlem District

PS197 Harlem District

PS30 Harlem District

PS318 Harlem District


Innovations Charter Academy, Nevada

J.E Manch Elementary School, Nevada


Cloonan Middle School, Stamford, CT

TrailBlazer Academy, Stamford, CT


Westside Academy, Detroit, MI


Bailey, Westside

New Jersey

Wiggins Elementary School, Camden, New Jersey


    • 2014-15 proved to be a very successful second year for PUPIL.  The program provided supplementary academic help to about 1200 students in America. A total of 17 Schools from over 6 states had enrolled in our program.
    • 1100+ children spent an average of 2 hours per week with our tutors . Diligent work, targeted coaching, skill building  and exceptional guidance helped the students improve their grades.  As an added benefit, the students were also more comfortable than before in using computers and associated equipment for learning.
    • For the first time, PUPIL offered standardized test prep help to it’s schools. 300+ students were taught to successfully take their state wide standard tests such as SBAC, ACT and NHSPE.
    • A Title 1 school in Nevada saw exceptional improvement in the overall learning levels of it’s students. 95% of the students enrolled in PUPIL had improved from their beginning learning levels and none of their levels had dipped after PUPIL.
    • In a turnaround school in Nevada, 61% of the enrolled students had shown improvement in their Math grades.
    •  About 83% of students from a Southern California School saw significant improvement in their Math grades and no students were featured in the F and D category.

* Results were obtained from the school and then analysed.

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